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Good luck, and have a great body /Jörgen Bergström.

Things we used as equipment in the videos

Welcome to!

This site Show you Gym exercises you can do at home, without any advanced equipment.

Each "DAY" represent some part of the body I recomend you to train at the same time.

1. Jump rope for 3 minutes as warmup before we begin with the exercises (feel free to do whatever you want to warmup).

2. Choose Day1, Day 2 or Day 3, and pick 3 exercises. Do every exercise 5 set, and every set 8 to 15 repetitions.

1000 calories, you will loose weight.
2000 calories, you will stay the same.
3000 calories, you will gain weight.
More or less, keep it simple.

Eat approx. 1 g/kg body weight Protein/day.
(if youre weight is 75 kg, you should eat approx. 75 g Protein)